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Three Things Every High School Player Should Know About Christian College Athletics

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pic08Written by Davis College Men’s Basketball Coach Dan Rathmell

1.  How you represent yourself and the team is the most important thing. At Davis College, we play mostly secular schools and our testimony is under the watchful eye of every opposing fan and opposing team.  We look at it as an opportunity and a privilege to represent God and Davis College; how we carry ourselves during intense competition is a true test of our character.

2.  Just about every college player was a star on their high school team but the adjustment from high school to college can be quite a challenge for some young players.  The personal success one might have in high school usually doesn’t carry over during their freshmen year like some might expect.  The speed and physicality of the game, along with the fact that there are other guys in the program that have established themselves already, can make it a difficult situation to deal with.  At any college, in order to be a successful student athlete, you have to be willing to put in the hard work needed.  It can take time to adjust to what the coach is looking for, but the players that know it is a process and stay determined are usually the ones that improve the most.

3.  Time management is essential.  The freedom with being away from home can cause some students to slack off.  However, one of the benefits of being a student athlete is that it forces you to prioritize your day.  At Davis College we hold our students to a certain level of academic success or they aren’t eligible to compete.  We provide several opportunities for our students if they are struggling like tutoring in our Academic Success Center to make sure they keep on track of their work.

About: Dan Rathmell is entering his fourth season as men’s head coach at Davis College. His team has back-to-back Shenandoah & Chesapeake Conference Championships (2011 & 2012) and the Davis College Falcons were the 2011 Bible College National Champions. Rathmell has been involved in over 40 camps in the last 12 years. His knowledge of the game of basketball and desire to help others creates a top-notch environment for players. There are two Falcons basketball camps during Summer 2012 (guys and girls); learn more at www.davisny.edu.