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Psalms Series – Psalm 77

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Commentary on Psalm 77, by Nick Costa – BIBL 3452 class assignment for Dr. George Snyder

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I yell to You, God, the loudest I can, and You hear my pleas. I was depressed and down in the dumps. My friends had a kind word for me that did nothing for how I felt. I took every day one step at a time. I was finding that the hardest thing in life was just taking steps to stay. I remembered everything in years gone by that had me laughing and loving, and how I had lost it all. Then I turn to You, God, and I feel like You’re nowhere to be found. Just my luck, I thought. Finally my sins have caught up to me. He has finally left. I have been waiting all this time, hoping You told the truth when You said You would always forgive no matter what. But it seemed my time had finally come to an end, as if You had moved on to someone a little stronger and a little less of a coward. But as I think back, I can’t help but remember every good thing You have ever done for me. Every sad, depressing situation that had brought me down to the depths of hell, by my own means or not, You were there. Oh, God, You have never left me. Even when I rejected You, You were still there. You never left. You loved me when I hated You, and now I realize You haven’t left. You have been here this whole time. You would never leave me – just like You promised, God. You are holy and perfect, God, and You have the best in mind for me. I realize this now; You have been there for me and Your people in the worst of trouble. In the midst of the biggest storms of their lives, for the men and women that have followed You through those storms, You kept them safe in Your strong hands. God, I know I am in Your hands, and I am not even walking on the cold hard ground through this storm. Rather, Your hands are carrying me through it. Thank You, God.