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FLEX Program FAQ

Q: How much does FLEX cost for me?

A: Nothing! Davis College is pleased to provide FLEX at no cost to students or families.

Q: How do I apply?

A: There is no application process. All incoming, on-campus freshmen who are enrolled in a bachelors degree program, and WOLBI transfer students, are automatically awarded FLEX.

Q: How is this different than Federal Income-Based Repayment Programs (such as “IBR”)?

A: The program compliments any federal repayment programs, such as the Income-based repayment program (IBR), which is designed to assist primarily the graduate’s federal loans. Federal loan limits have not been increased since 1992 which often leaves families pursuing private and parent loans to bridge the gap. Our program provides a safety net for all of these loans, providing peace of mind for both the students and parents.

Q: Can I really trust FLEX to be a “safety net” for me?

A: FLEX is provided in partnership with LRAP Association, based on a proven model from Yale law school that has been used for over 25 years. It is reviewed yearly by one of the top actuarial firms in the U.S., and LRAP Association partners with an A-rated insurance company.

Q: How much assistance will I receive?

A: You must graduate from Davis College with a Bachelors degree. If your income after graduation is below $20,000, you will receive reimbursement for the entire amount of your loan payments. As your income increases toward the upper income threshold ($35,000), the amount of reimbursement is adjusted proportionately. This chart gives an example of what those percentages may look like for you:

LRAP reimbursement chartQ: How long will I continue to receive FLEX Program benefits?

A: Assistance will continue until your income surpasses the upper income threshold or your loans are repaid entirely.

Q: What types of loans will FLEX cover?

A: FLEX covers federal, private, and Parent PLUS loans.

Q: What if I take Dual-Enrollment courses to get ahead while I’m still in high school… will I still qualify?

A: Yes, FLEX is still available to students who have completed any amount of LAUNCH! Dual-Enrollment courses prior to matriculated enrollment in the bachelor’s degree at Davis College (provided they are not coming as a “Transfer Student” from a different college).