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Greeting to Parents

Helpful Links:

Phone Numbers:

  • The Office of Student Development, 607.729.1581 x 315.
  • The Office of Financial Aid, 607.729.1581 x 331.
  • The Business Office, 607.729.1581 x 403.
  • The Davis College Cafe (Order Your Student a Gift Certificate!), 607.729.1581 x 322.
  • The Davis College Christian Bookstore (Order Your Student a Gift Certificate!), 607.729.1581 x 318.

Get Involved!

Parents, we value your wisdom and your interest in the success and personal growth of your student. Here are some ways to stay connected with the happenings at Davis College:

  • Sign up for our News & Events Email Updates.
  • Follow Davis College on Facebook and Twitter — use the icons at the bottom of the page.
  • Follow the President’s Itinerary to see if Dr. Pedrone will be in your area for a ministry engagement — he’d love to see you in person.