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Davis College Appoints Provost

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Keith MarlettDavis College has a Vision plan that has been unanimously approved by the President’s Cabinet and the Board of Trustees. The Vision plan is listed on the website. The college has appointed a Chief Operations Officer, alumni Jerry Traister to oversee the vision for the facilities and numerous services for the college. We have been on a search for a Provost for our college to drive the vision of the academic program. A search committee of Dr. Charles Colton (Chair), Dr. Gary Smith (Trustee), and Dr. JoAnna Oster (Online Director) did due diligence in bringing strengths and weaknesses of various candidates. After a lengthy and thorough process we found that our Provost was already amongst us. I am pleased to announce that Dr. Keith Marlett has been appointed Provost of Davis College. Dr. Marlett has been an ordained minister for 33 years, and has served 25 years in pastoral ministry and several years as a town justice. He is a licensed professional counselor in Ohio and Indiana and has been the director of a seminary counseling center. He has been an adjunct professor at Ashland Theological Seminary (Ohio), Baptist Bible College (Pennsylvania) and Liberty University (Virginia), and is presently the Chair of the Counseling Department at Davis College. The appointment will officially take place on April 1. Dr. Marlett will continue as Chair for the Counseling Department for at least one year. There are several professors who will aid Marlett in the program. Dr. Gil Parker will be Academic Dean and continue to work with educational agencies, aid in the writing of the substantives changes, and chair the Pastoral Department of Davis College.

– Dino J. Pedrone, D. Min