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Student Accounts

The Student Account Department will serve and assist you through financial issues related to tuition, fees, financial aid disbursements and/or loan disbursements. If you have any questions regarding your tuition bill and related charges please contact us and we will do our best to clarify them.

Contact Information
Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30am- 4:30pm
Phone: 607.729.1581 x304
Email: lchurchward@davisny.edu
Business Office is located in the Student Services building

Your Bill is now Online!
You can log in, view your bill, and make payments online at CampusSIS Login. It is your (the student’s) responsibility to monitor your bill online. Please ensure that your enrollment and registration is correct and that charges are paid in full by the deadline.

Registration Information
All past due accounts must be paid in full in order to register for a new semester. Each semester’s total tuition, room, board and fees are assessed at registration and are due before the first day class.

Your registration is not complete until a payment arrangement form has been signed, even if you are expecting Financial Aid to cover your entire bill.

Please remember that by registering for course, you now owe money to Davis College and must officially drop your courses prior to the start of the semester to avoid owing money to Davis College.

If you register for a course you do not attend you are still liable for tuition and fees. Fees are not refundable after the semester has started.