Davis College - Pursue God

Greetings from the Chief Officer of Student Development

Dear Parent,

It is my privilege to welcome you and your son or daughter to Davis College. It is very exciting to have the campus alive with the activity of students. We have been praying for all of your families that God would protect and supply and be honored as your children come to study God’s Word and prepare for ministry.

In our online Student Handbook you will find materials designed to inform you of the strategies we have chosen to help develop your child as a college student, as an individual, and as a leader. These strategies provide the structure for your children, and all of our students, to live and grow in the college community. Please have your son or daughter read this handbook prior to his or her arrival on campus.

We covet your prayers for both your child and our ministry with them. We believe that God has begun a good work in them and will continue it. This year will bring academic, social, spiritual, emotional, and physical challenges for your child. It is our goal to lend support and offer challenge in the process of spiritual discipleship. Our mission is to help students grow into godly leaders. We believe you share this desire and we very much appreciate your support in this process.

Please feel free to keep in touch with us by letter, phone, email or a visit to the campus.

In Christ,

Nikki Post, M.A., B.R.E.
Chief Officer of Student Development