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Needs at Davis College

Many thanks to Colwell Brothers Construction of Windsor, NY for its donation of 40 ton of gravel for our back parking lot on our campus. This enabled for our parking lot to have the coverage it needs to be safe.

There are a number of ways that friends can get involved at Davis College. Below is a list of current needs for both resources and volunteers. We appreciate all those who pray, give, and labor to help the College.

Program Needs

Music/Worship Leader (Contact: Professor Scott Ladd, sladd@davisny.edu)

  1. Musical Instruments: We are looking for world (ethnic) instruments as well as Western Instruments. Specifically (but not limited to): Banjo, Electronic Drums, Acoustic Drums (drum set, cymbals and hand percussion), Harmonica (different keys), Bamboo Flutes (different keys), Mandolin, Harp, Bodhrán, Cello, Sitar, Tablá, Steel Guitar, Bagpipe, violin. Other world instrument are welcome (ie, mbira).
  2. Audio/Video/Lighting: Everyone has a tech closet where equipment goes and never gets used again. Instead of letting your old sound, lighting and video equipment sit around and collect dust – let it be put back into service at Davis College. We are in desperate need of: Small line-array speakers, Video display computer, lighting fixtures (par, ellipse, fresnel, and LED), lighting dimmers (truss mount and rack mount), lighting controllers, intelligent lights, wireless mics, Bose L1 (or compact), lighting truss, stage curtains, in-ear monitors (wired or wireless), digital keyboards, rear projection screen, projectors, mics, cables (audio, DMX, video).

Campus Safety Needs, Structural Needs, and Special Project Needs

Please contact Corey Adams, Administrative Assistant to the President, cadams@davisny.edu

Structural Needs

  • Electrical upgrades-$20,000 (Phillips and Patterson Halls)
  • Furnace replacements-$125,000 (Clements, Mason and Chatlos) Current furnaces are decades old.
  • Roof replacements/repairs-Academic building and library-$17,000
  • Sidewalk replacements/parking lot repairs-$10,000
  • Central Air for Academic building and AC units in Phillips-$20,000

Special projects

  • Overhaul of Davis College website-$6,000. Our website is in desperate need of repairs and an overhaul to be fully operational. Our site is a critically important aspect of our marketing and public relations to our current students and their family members, to potential students/families, congregations, the community and donors. We recently changed to a new website vendor who is willing to do the work necessary at a very low cost. Our website had been plagued with tremendous issues. Support for this would bring Davis College’s site back to the forefront.
  • Braille signage on campus: $6,000-Davis has always been accepting of all people. We want to take the next innovative step and be in compliance with ADA regulations. If supported, we will consult with area experts for development and placement of Braille signage throughout the main campus and also at the Chrisfield campus.

* Please note that are many more needs on the campus in need of support-either in-kind or through designated financial support. From a total remodel of the aged Men’s Restroom in Patterson to replacing the carpeting throughout the campus to even furniture for dorm and lounge spaces. Projects costs range from $500-$25,000. Any support is so greatly appreciated and will be acknowledged as the donor sees requests.

Chrisfield Campus Current In-kind/Supported Needs

Please contact Corey Adams, Administrative Assistant to the President, cadams@davisny.eduto discuss your assistance with Chrisfield. There are also naming opportunities for individuals and businesses at Chrisfield.

  • Paint (entire facility)- approximately 500 gallons in 5 gallon tubs. Also need all painting supplies/sprayers/labor.
  • Wallboard-approximately 40 sheets of 3/8” Durock plus tape etc. Labor needed to put up and finish.
  • Insulation-Wall insulation for behind wallboard in hallways/classrooms. Closed cell about 26 sheets and 22 bats of R21 fiberglass. Labor needed.
  • Roofing-approximately 60 square of architect shingles, 10 rolls of water/ice shield and 6 rolls of under layment-triflex. Labor needed.
  • Doors- Lever action: 20 –for Standard 36” doors for throughout the facility.
  • Sidewalks leveled and slab raised, parking curbs redone.
  • Tile-approximately 1,000 sq feet of tile (porcelain) for bathrooms
  • Entry carpets-16X 3 fee- half a dozen.
  • Sound buffers of some sort of hallways in classroom area.
  • Medical area-remodel and supplies AED’s.
  • Security system-needed for entire facility and monitoring
  • IT/AV-need some more information if any is able to be donated-material and/or labor or underwriting
  • Flood control-Generators, pumps, Electrical/plumbing.
  • Furniture-for classrooms, lounges, apartments
  • Building of Kitchen/café in education wing-total redo, outside covered eating area, walk way to be built Ventilation, materials and labor.
  • Landscaping-needed for improvements and upkeep.

* As construction progresses on Chrisfield, more needs will arise, as well as the need for volunteer labor-from painting to cleaning the grounds. The goal is to raise, through in-kind, donations, grants and gifts $1.2 million by the end of the 2015 calendar year.