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Needs at Davis College


Thank you to Bronson Paving for volunteering their time and resources to help with campus paving projects in November 2011!

There are a number of ways that friends can get involved at Davis College. Below is a list of current needs for both resources and volunteers. We appreciate all those who pray, give, and labor to help the College.

Program Needs

Music/Worship Leader (Contact: Professor Scott Ladd, sladd@davisny.edu)

  1. Musical Instruments: We are looking for world (ethnic) instruments as well as Western Instruments. Specifically (but not limited to): Banjo, Electronic Drums, Acoustic Drums (drum set, cymbals and hand percussion), Harmonica (different keys), Bamboo Flutes (different keys), Mandolin, Harp, Bodhrán, Cello, Sitar, Tablá, Steel Guitar, Bagpipe, violin. Other world instrument are welcome (ie, mbira).
  2. Audio/Video/Lighting: Everyone has a tech closet where equipment goes and never gets used again. Instead of letting your old sound, lighting and video equipment sit around and collect dust – let it be put back into service at Davis College. We are in desperate need of: Small line-array speakers, Video display computer, lighting fixtures (par, ellipse, fresnel, and LED), lighting dimmers (truss mount and rack mount), lighting controllers, intelligent lights, wireless mics, Bose L1 (or compact), lighting truss, stage curtains, in-ear monitors (wired or wireless), digital keyboards, rear projection screen, projectors, mics, cables (audio, DMX, video).

If you are interested in helping with volunteer and/or general need items below, please contact Jerry Traister, Chief Operating Officer, at jtraister@davisny.edu, 607.729.1581 x 357 (office), or 717-860-5050 (cell).

Volunteer Needs General Needs
Licensed electricians and plumbers Five 20-ton loads of clean fill
Light electrical and plumbing work White boards, erasers and markers
Maintenance vehicles repaired and maintained Paint (Inside and Out)
Painters Baseboard heat covers
Volunteers to dust library shelves 12 light fixtures, sealed, taking 2 normal 60 watt bulbs each
Help with mowing and landscaping White mini blinds (18 to 56″)
Sewing (mainly valances and curtains) Replacement of Mason Hall’s basement lights to flourescent fixtures
Chimney repair (re-point and relay brick) Fire code window treatments at Mason Hall
Concrete Work Blacktopping
Repair of cracked and/or broken window pane Electrical boxes, fuses, wiring, outlets
Replace all damaged metal doors Sidewalk construction and repair
Add wall paneling in campus home Ceiling tiles
Framing and dry wall Metal fire-rated exterior doors, windows and hardware
Many handy-man tasks 6 vinyl covered exterior doors with windows
Ceramic tiles
Plumbing pipes and supplies
Backhoe attachment for campus tractor
2 basketball hoops with stands
Snow blower
2 ATV’s or golf carts for maintenance support
Carpentry and plumbing tools
Hot water heaters (both tank and tank-less)
Furnaces for several campus buildings
Storage shed(s) for storage at Mason Hall