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Dual Enrollment

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Davis College is helping sophomores, juniors and seniors in homeschool and public or private settings launch successfully into college with dual enrollment credits through LAUNCH!, the dual-enrollment credit program at Davis College.

Imagine paying these prices for credit courses at other private colleges — you can imagine, but it won’t happen! At Davis, we make your educational goals a reality. Invest in your future by taking our accredited courses and then transfer them to Davis or the college of your choice.



The Benefits:

Reduced Tuition: Significant savings off regular tuition costs.

Quality: Courses are taught by qualified faculty from a biblical worldview.

Prepared Students: Students are more prepared for college success.

Credits Earned: Credits are valid towards high school graduation, and at the same time, for transfer to Davis College or the college of choice.

Davis College was awarded the 2015 Homeschooling Parent Seal of Approval!


Online – New Lower Rate!
$325 per course
On our main campus
$325 per course
Late Registration Fee
$50 per course


Ready to LAUNCH! with Davis College?

  1. Register by downloading the High School Enrollment Form.
  2. Check out the Online or On-Campus listings for course options.
  3. Online LAUNCH students must abide by the guidelines given in the Davis Online Learning Student Guide, and should be aware of the withdrawal policy listed therein. Please locate the Student Guide on the DOL homepage. For refund policies, please click here.
  4. Health Forms must be completed by students enrolling in 6 credits or more at our main campus or any NY teaching site. These can be downloaded online here. All required forms must be submitted prior to being cleared to enroll. Contact Health Services at health@davisny.edu with any questions.
  5. Questions? Contact our Admissions Team today (607)729-1581 x.341. Our LAUNCH! Admissions Counselor is also available as a resource to homeschooling families who are creating a Homeschool Transcript.
    For those interested in completing their entire first year of college through LAUNCH! check out the LAUNCH! Program Details. (pdf file)