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Practical Plan


The Practical Plan: 4 Years for the Price of 3

Davis College is celebrating more than 100 years of providing affordable, practical, biblical higher education.  In honor of our heritage, The Practical Plan has been designed for students seeking proven ministry programs and who meet certain academic criteria.

Students must meet the following criteria for acceptance into the plan:

  • Have a minimum 1500 SAT-R or 21 ACT score.
  • Meet all other Davis College Admissions criteria.
  • Student must be a first-time freshman (transfers and current students are not eligible to apply).

Note: Due to the extensive discount of The Practical Plan, no other institutional discounts or scholarships may be applied.  Financial Aid such as Federal PELL, New York State TAP, and other outside sources must be applied for and credited to the student’s account during their free year.  Church matching gifts will be credited.

While at Davis College, the student enrolled in The Practical Plan must:

  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA while enrolled at Davis College
  • Remain continuously enrolled.  Breaks in enrollment for any reason will result in the forfeiture of this scholarship.
Tuition, Room and Board Plan Tuition Only Plan
You may switch to the Tuition Only Plan, but no refund or pro-rating will be given. You must meet all Student Handbook eligibility requirements to live off campus.
You may switch housing plans, but no refund or pro-rating will be given. You CANNOT switch to the Tuition, Room and Board Plan.


View and print The Practical Plan Contract