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All scholarships administered by the college are subject to review by the Scholarship Committee and are based upon the availability of funds. No institutional scholarships will be awarded until a FAFSA is filed with the Office of Financial Aid.  Priority will be given to early applicants.

Scholarships are available to full-time, matriculated students paying the full tuition block rate (either on campus or online), unless otherwise noted.  Scholarships are available for the fall and spring semesters.  No scholarships are awarded or earned during the summer semester. Students must maintain Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress as noted in the Davis College Catalog. Students who withdraw completely or drop below full-time status during any semester forfeit their institutional scholarships for that semester.

All institutional scholarships are intended to be used as a supplement to state and federal financial aid. A student whose account shows a credit balance as a result of institutional scholarships will not be eligible for a refund from the college and that student’s account will reflect a zero balance after all state and federal financial aid as well as institutional scholarships are applied. No student may have more than 50% of their semester bill covered by institutional scholarships.

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Scholarship Eligibility Amount
Early Deposit Award Awarded to freshman and transfer students who submit their $275 enrollment deposit by May 15 for the fall semester or by October 1 for the spring semester. For the fall semester:
$750 by Dec 15
$500 by Mar 15
$275 by May 15For spring semester:
$750 by May 1
$500 by Aug 1
$275 by Oct 1
Heart for Ministry Scholarship Awarded to first-time freshmen and transfer students who have demonstrated a potential for ministryAdditional application is required and must be requestedApplication deadline: May 17 $750/semester or $1,500/year (this is a one year scholarship)Award given up to five recipients
Honors Scholarship Awarded for the first year only to first-time freshman and transfer students who score 1700 or above on their SATR exam or score 24 or above on their ACT examTransfer students who have completed 30 college credits may qualify with a 3.5 GPA or higher $1,000/semester or $2,000/year (this is a one year scholarship)
Excellence in Academics Award Awarded to full-time continuing stduents who achieve the Dean’s List of the President’s List the previous semester*Cannot be awarded along with the Honors ScholarshipAvailable to on-campus and online students; award amount is the same for on and off campus students Dean’s List (3.5-3.85 GPA) – $500/semesterPresident’s Life (3.86+ GPA) – $1,000/semester
Leadership Merit Scholarship Awarded to returning students who demonstrate qualities such as leadership, diversity, and service that benefits the overall Davis communityAdditional application required and must be requestedApplication deadline: April 19 $750/semester or $1,500/yearAward given up to five recipients
AWANA Scholarship Awarded to students who received the Meritorious or Citation Award through the AWANA program Meritorious Award – $500/semester or $1,000/yearCitation Award – $750/semester or $1,500/year
Church Matching Scholarship Students who receive a tuition gift from their home church will receive a matching award from Davis CollegeDeadline Fall: October 15, Spring: March 1 Will match up to $250/semester or $500/yearWill match up to $100/semester or $200/year for part-time students
New Tribes Scholarship Awarded to full-time students who are graduates of the New Tribes Institute 1-year graduates – $1,000/semester or $2,000/year2-year graduates – $1,500/semester or $3,000/year
WOLBI Scholarship Awarded to full-time students who are graduates of the Word of Life Institute $1,500/semester or $3,000/year
Word of Life Steadfast Award Awarded to full-time students who received the Word of Life Steadfast Award $500/semester or $1,000/year
Word of Life “Cre8ive” Discipleship Award Awarded to full-time students who received one or more Word of Life Cre8ive Discipleship Awards $250/semester or $500/year
Alumni Scholarship Awarded to full-time students whose parent(s) or grandparent(s) graduated from Davis College $500/semester or $1,000/year
Full-Time Christian Service Scholarship Awarded to full-time dependent students whose parent(s) work in a vocational ministry position in a church, Christian school, mission agency, etc. $500/semester or $1,000/year
Sibling Scholarship Awarded to dependent siblings who are attending Davis College full-time $750/semester or $1,500/year
Non-Resident Comparative Scholarship Awarded to full-time out-of-state US students who are eligible to file a FAFSAAward will be estimated as if you live in New York State; award amount will be approximately equal to New York State TAP, up to $2,000/year for up to 3 years Varies up to $1,000/semester or $2,000/year

If you have additional questions regarding your financial aid please contact the Office of Financial Aid.