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Payment Plan Options

The following payment plans have been instituted for the student’s convenience. A student must select a payment plan as well as complete and sign the Payment Arrangement Form. Any accounts not fully covered by Financial Aid must be paid by the deadline in order for the student to take finals, receive finals grades, receive diploma, and/or request transcripts.

Plan 1: Full Payment on or before the first day of class (Preferred)
Check with the Business Office for dates to qualify for early payment discounts if paying the entire balance owed in full.

Plan 2: Student balance covered in full by Financial Aid, including grants, scholarships, and loans.
All grants, loans, and awards must be applied for prior to Registration.

Plan 3: Interest Free Monthly Payments during the semester
If Financial Aid does not cover the entire balance, a payment of 1/3 of the remaining bill is required before the first day of class. Payments of 1/3 are also due on the 15th of the next two months.

In the event a student’s account becomes delinquent, this option may be denied for future semesters

Please contact the Davis College Business Office for additional information and to make arrangements. Click on the following link to download a copy of the payment plan forms.

Note to Students and Parents:

All past accounts must be paid on or before Registration, and all grants, loans, and awards applied for prior to Registration. For more details on information regarding payments, contact the Business Office or call 607-729-1581 x304.