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FLEX – Financial Liberty Exercised!

FLEX - Financial Liberty Exercised!At Davis, we understand the investment students are making in their college education, and we are here to help. 91% of our students receive scholarships, and 98% receive financial aid. We have also frozen our tuition costs for a second time. Our FLEX program goes the next step and offers peace of mind through loan repayment assistance after graduation for all incoming freshmen.

We are pleased to offer this FLEX program, in partnership with LRAP Association, at no cost to students or families. FLEX provides substantial assistance to students and parents, helping with student loan repayment after graduation if they do not meet specified income thresholds. The assistance will continue until the graduate’s income rises to a level of financial sufficiency, or until their loans are completely paid off.

“Our first priority at Davis College is our students – anything we can do to come alongside them and help them succeed. I am delighted that we are now able to offer this FLEX program to incoming students.” – Dr. Dino Pedrone, President of Davis College

Beginning in Fall 2014, all incoming freshmen will automatically be awarded enrollment in FLEX, our Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP), at no cost to you. FLEX provides peace of mind, to know that if your income after graduation is low, you will receive help repaying your student loans.

FLEX safeguards your financial and educational investment in your future, while empowering you to follow your dreams and highest ambitions after graduation – rather than making student loan debt the deciding factor in your career pursuits.

How FLEX Works:

You pay nothing. Your award letter from LRAP Association will specify lower and upper income thresholds that will determine how much assistance you receive after graduation, in the form of quarterly reimbursements on your loan payments. You must graduate from Davis College and be employed at least an average of 30 hours per week — it’s that simple.

Questions? Check out our FLEX FAQ page here: FLEX FAQ

For more information about FLEX, please contact Admissions at admissions@davisny.edu or call 607.729.1581, ext. 341. For more information on LRAP and how it works, visit myLRAP.org