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Apply for Financial Aid

Action Go to This Link
1. Obtain a PIN to electronically sign your FAFSA. www.pin.ed.gov.
2. Complete the FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov (Davis’s school code is 015291). www.fafsa.ed.gov
3. The Office of Financial Aid will notify you if you are selected for a process called Verification. The Department of Education selects applications at random to require extra paperwork for. The Office of Financial Aid will send you any extra paperwork if you are required.
4. If you are a New York State resident please apply for New York State’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). If you are not a New York State resident, skip this step. www.hesc.ny.gov
5. Review and apply for Davis College Scholarships Online
6. Direct Loan Borrowers: Complete the Loan Request form and complete the steps below.All Direct Loan Borrowers must complete entrance counseling and a MPN at www.studentloans.gov. This is your promise to the lender to repay your student loan.Instructions:
a. Sign in using PIN from applying for FAFSA.
b. Click on Complete Master Promissory Note link and then choose Subsidized/Unsubsidized.
c. Fill in all necessary information to complete.
d. Click on Complete Entrance Counseling and answers all questions until counseling is complete.

Direct Loan Request Form

7. Once all paper work is complete, you will receive a financial aid package listing all of the aid that you qualify for. Sign and return one copy to the Financial Aid Office. You cannot register for classes until all financial paperwork is complete.

If you have additional questions regarding your financial aid please contact the Office of Financial Aid.