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Diploma to Degree

“One day I’ll finish my bachelor’s degree…”

The diploma you received from PBTS (or, credits you earned through PBC/Davis) provided an invaluable firm foundation in Bible, theology, and ministering to people. Today, Davis College invites you to take the next step; allow us to help you complete your accredited Bachelor’s. How? Through the Diploma to Degree pathway.

The Diploma to Degree pathway allows you to complete the degree you once started.  It is designed for adult Christians to complete an accredited Bachelor’s degree by attending class one night per week or by taking online courses.  You will graduate with a Bachelor’s of Religious Education degree in Christian Ministries.

Why should you consider the Davis College Diploma to Degree pathway?

1. Adults can typically complete a bachelor’s degree in about two years.
2. Convert your life experience and prior learning into college credit.
3. Attend class only one night per week.
4. Classes are designed to improve your ministry and business skills.
5. Excellent instruction is presented in a small seminar-type class setting.
6. Christian classmates assist one another in the process of integrating faith and learning.
7. The Bachelor’s degree opens up a number of possibilities.

Ready to take the next step?

Call our friendly Admissions team at 1.877.WHYDC4U | 1.877.949.3248 or email admissions@davisny.edu. You may also request info to get started by completing the form below.

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