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Teaching Site Quotes

“Davis College has made a significant impact providing college accredited courses for high school juniors and seniors in the Capital region of New York. These courses have helped students develop a Christian worldview and be prepared to defend and demonstrate that worldview in the secular setting. Students have transferred these courses to colleges and universities around the country as Introduction to Philosophy, World Religions, Biblical Literature, and Ethics. It has been my privilege to serve with Davis College for seventeen years and see hundreds of students receive college credits through this program.”

— Dr. R. Peter Mason, MA, Th.M., D.Min., Adjunct Professor, Davis College

“We are so pleased to have Davis College adjuncts at our school, offering accredited courses to our high school students. Students love the fact that they are beginning their college transcripts now. The dual credit for both high school and college has greatly enhanced the excitement of senior year. Some will actually go to college in the fall as second semester freshmen. It is a time saver and very cost effective. Mom and Dad love it!”

— Jane Cook, Administrator/Principal, Oneonta Community Christian School