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Dual Enrollment Registration

LAUNCH! Course Registration for High School Juniors and Seniors.

To Register:

  1. All high school students must download our High School Enrollment Form and have it signed by a parent or guardian.
    • Main Campus students (Online and On-Campus): return form to Caralee Godfroy, Admissions Office.
    • Teaching Site students (Off Campus and Online): return form to LisaBeth Colton, Academic Office. Phone: 607.729.1581 x 301.
  2. Student is responsible for familiarizing themselves with online course policies, withdrawal policies, and ordering textbooks.
  3. Student is responsible to contact the Registrar’s Office in writing if withdrawing from a course. The written notification must be received by the specified date.
  4. Automatic notifications (confirming course enrollment and access information) are issued to the e-mail address provided on the student’s registration form immediately after the Registrar has enrolled the student in the online course. Therefore, be sure to:
    1. Verify the e-mail address on your registration form or specifically designate the e-mail address you intend to use for online coursework.
    2. Contact the Registrar if you have not received the automatic notification by the course start date.
  5. Student is responsible to submit coursework in accordance with class syllabus/schedule.
  6. Textbooks:
    1. Most of your textbook needs can be met by contacting the Davis College Christian Bookstore – Phone: 607.729.4494, Email: bookstore@davisny.edu.
    2. KEEN Courses Only: Through Knowledge Elements ecampus store. Select “Online Courses” and click on the course that you are interested in. KEEN course textbook information will be made available.


  • Final authority regarding assignments and exams is provided in course syllabus.
  • Students will be notified by the KE office on the day of or up to three days prior to the online course start date of the login date, their username, their password, the web address for accessing the course, their instructor’s name and other contact information.