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Charles Colton

Charles ColtonDr. Charles Colton, Chair of the Organizational Leadership Concentration; Interim Chair of the Pastoral Concentration; Chair of the Professional Division; Professor of Systematic Theology

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Dr. Colton’s Books:

coltonbook1Core Christianity comes to grips with one of the most contentious issues facing American fundamentalism today: “If two churches agree upon what is essential even while they differ over certain non-essentials, perhaps there is something biblical about their getting on with a visible demonstration of unity under the Lordship of Christ.” The author begins by examining the historical and biblical witness to what comprises essential Christianity. With that as foundation, he treats key Scripture passages that historically have been made the pretext for ecclesiastical disunity, before closing with a prescription for fellowship among evangelical churches that are willing to revisit and reform their understanding and application of biblical separation. In the end, Dr. Colton makes clear that “a thoroughly biblical Christian will find unqualified fellowship and cooperation to be possible with anyone who believes that eternal life is found only in the response of faith to God’s saving initiative in Christ, a repentant faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. . . .” (Available at the Davis College Bookstore, or through on-line retailers.)

coltonbook2A History of the Panama Baptists is the saga of a small church in a small village, nestled amongst the rolling hills of Chautauqua County, New York. The story begins just under two hundred years ago, when a small group of settlers, arrived to build their homes in the wilderness, determine also to build a church. It is the spiritual journey of a covenant people whose faithfulness toward God is equaled only by their steadfastness toward one another. More so, it is the record of a loving and trustworthy God who does not forget the people who call upon Him, and are called by His name. This is no sanitized, historical revision of what really happened. Preserved within these pages are dark accounts of Devil-inspired testing and faithless defiance, as well as the stirring reports of Spirit-wrought revival and trust-filled obedience. By journey’s end, it is the witness of a church that stands stronger today than perhaps it ever has. Pastor and parishioners alike will find in these pages the will to leave a legacy exactly where God has put them, in a small place, perhaps, and yet in a place where the people still matter to God, and where God still shows up. (Unavailable at this time.)


  • Doctor of Ministry: Baptist Bible Seminary, Clarks Summit, PA, 2006
  • Master of Arts in Theology: Capital Bible Seminary, Lanham, MD, 1998
  • Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics & Astronautics: M.I.T., Cambridge, MA, 1983


  • Davis College, 2009-Present: Chair of the Organizational Leadership Program and Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership and New Testament
  • Davis College, 2007-2009: Adjunct Professor, Organizational Leadership
  • Panama Baptist Church, NY, 2000-2009: Lead Pastor
  • Paw Paw Bible Church, WV, 1994-2000: Pastor
  • STAC/BTG, Inc., Fairfax, VA, 1999-2000: Program Manager, Space Systems Analyst
  • Space Applications Corp., Vienna, VA, 1986-1987: Programming Engineer
  • Central Intelligence Agency, Langley, VA, 1983-1986: Intelligence Analyst
  • Carrier Corporation, Syracuse, NY, 1983: Development Engineer


  • A History of the Panama Baptists (Panama Baptist Press, 2009) 180pp
  • Core Christianity: The Tie That Binds (Xulon Press, 2006) 217pp
  • Changing the Mind About Change (Panama Baptist Press, 2002) 67pp
  • Topical Proverbs (Panama Baptist Press, 2002) 99pp
  • Servanthood: Overcoming the Bondage of Self-Fulfillment (Panama Baptist Press, 2004) 69pp
  • “The Hope of Hell,” The Baptist Bulletin (GARBC, Nov 2007)
  • “Church Discipline: A Delicate Operation,” The Baptist Bulletin (GARBC, Nov/Dec 2008)
  • “Passages of Time,” Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity 24 (January -February, 2011) 15-17.
  • “Preserving Our Past,” The Baptist Bulletin (GARBC, Nov/Dec 2009)

Personal Information:

  • Born May 19, 1961 (gifts and cards accepted annually)
  • Married to Lisabeth on June 14, 1986
  • Three above-average children: James, Samuel, and Anne
  • One dog (Genny), two cats (Hawthorne, Salem)

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