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College Faculty

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Berkheiser, Shannon

Part-time professor of Christian Counseling
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Blanc, Douglas

Associate Professor of Intercultural Ministries
Chair, Intercultural Ministries Concentration
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Colton, Charles J.

Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership
Chair, Organizational Leadership; Chair, Professional Division
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Ladd, Scott

Assistant Professor of Arts and Worship
Chair, Music Worship Leader Concentration
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Marlett, Keith

Professor of Christian Counseling
Chair, Christian Counseling Concentration
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Novak, Bonnie

Assistant Professor
Chair, Teaching English as a Second Language Concentration; Chair, Liberal Arts Division
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Parker, Gilbert A.

Academic Dean
Professor of Bible
Chair, Pastoral Concentration
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Seavey, Christopher

Associate Professor of Youth
Chair, Youth Ministries Concentration
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Snyder, Jr., George

Professor of Bible
Chair, Biblical/Theological Studies Division
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Main Campus Adjunct Faculty

Aubrey, Bruce

Adjunct Professor of Pastoral
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Bates, Debbie K.

Adjunct Professor of Early Childhood Education
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Berkheiser, William H.

Adjunct Professor of Bible
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Cappiello, Dianne

Adjunct Professor of History.
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Colton, Lisabeth

Assistant to the Registrar
Adjunct Professor of Mathematics.
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Cramer, Rick W.

Director of Teaching Sites
Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and Career Development.
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Eldred, Sheila

Adjunct Professor of Organizational Leadership
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Hart, Edward

Adjunct Professor of Missions and Ministry
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Oster, Joanna

Director of Davis Online Learning
Adjunct Professor of Communication
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Post, Nichole

Student Development Officer
Adjunct Professor of Christian Counseling
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Schreiber, Monica

Adjunct Professor of English
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VanDeventer, Susan

Adjunct Professor of Communication and Teaching English as a Second Language
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Wolfe, Patricia

Adjunct Professor of Science
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