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Withdrawals and Extensions

Because Davis College is working with the Knowledge Elements Education Network (KEEN) to offer courses online, the following withdrawal schedule and policy differs from the Davis College normal withdrawal schedule and policy. Also, all miscellaneous fees are non-refundable.

The student is responsible to contact the Registrar’s Office in writing if withdrawing from a course. The written notification must be received by the date(s) specified in the withdrawal portion of the online term schedules. Please note that Davis College must provide KEEN with individual notices of intent to withdraw from online courses by the dates provided in the online term schedules.

Therefore, you must give the Davis College Registrar (registrar@davisny.edu) written notice prior to the dates listed below on the withdrawal portion of the online term schedules. We must have time to inform KEEN of your decision to drop these courses.
Note: On-campus students should obtain a Drop Form from Academics, then complete and submit it to the Registrar.

Due to the shorter time frame of online courses, students will be given a VWD (Voluntary Withdrawal – Simple Drop) if the drop a class within five weeks of the course start date. Only final letter grades (e.g. A through F) will be issued after the five week point.

Extension of Online Courses into a Later Term:

Requests for extension of courses (due to personal hardships or extenuating circumstances) into a later term will be considered on a case by case basis. If approval is granted, students will be assessed a $75 surcharge for each course involved. Requests for enrollment in a subsequent term, after the term as started, will not be approved.