Davis College - Pursue God


  • The online rate is available for up to 50% of a student’s degree. (The Associates Degrees and One Year Certificates are available completely online.)
  • Students who have already taken classes with Davis College before (at any location or online) are not eligible for this rate.
  • Any student who switches from online to on campus will no longer be eligible for the online only rate if he/she switches back to online only.
  • LAUNCH! Dual Enrollment students may qualify for this rate once they matriculate as a regular college student.
  • Students taking a combination of on campus and online classes in any one semester will be charged regular tuition for all classes he/she is taking that semester.
  • Students paying the online only rate are not eligible for institutional scholarships.
  • Students cannot pay the online only rate if they live in campus housing.
For more information regarding course pricing contact Student Accounts at 607.729.1581 x 304.

Meal Plan Restrictions

Meals plans are now required in the Suites and the Dorms.

  • All freshmen on-campus residents are required to choose from the 200 or 275 meal plans.
  • Upperclassmen Dorm residents may choose from the 140, 200, or 275 meal plans.
  • Upperclassmen Suite residents may choose from the 70,140, 200, or 275 meal plans.
  • Meal Plan Exemption Policy