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Step 2: Online Course Pricing

Competitive Online Only Tuition Pricing!
Please visit the cost breakdown page for more information regarding tuition and fees. Prices subject to change at any time without notice.

*Restrictions: This special Online only tuition rate is available to students who are online only and off-campus. Students are only permitted to receive this rate for half of their degree. Students paying the online only rate are not eligible for institutional scholarships.

Step 3: Apply Now

Early application and registration is encouraged since a minimum of 6 students and a maximum of 20 students are required in order for a course to run.

Once you have applied, you will be contacted by the Admissions Office regarding your registration and additional items needed for enrollment (if any). Feel free to email our Admissions Coordinator if you have further questions.

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Step 4: Access your online courses through Blackboard CourseSites

After registering for a DOL course, the student will receive a Davis invitation email from the professor. The student must accept the invitation in order to participate in the course. Once the student accepts the invitation, he or she can begin attending the course.

All of Davis Online Learning courses use Blackboard for the college students. Blackboard Learn technology helps you make learning more effective in and beyond the traditional walls by breathing life into educational content, bringing efficiency to day-to-day tasks, empowering instructors with tools to engage every learner, motivating them on the devices they rely on, and promoting collaboration and streamlining processes. CourseSites is powered by the latest and greatest technology from Blackboard, including Blackboard Learn™, Release 9.1, Blackboard Collaborate™, Blackboard Mobile™, and Blackboard Connect™ (coursesites.com).

Students are invited into DOL courses through Davis email. When students accept the email and create a log in, they are then participating in the course. DOL students are given a Davis email account and are required to utilize Davis email as a communication tool throughout the online courses.

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