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Online Course Policies

Admissions Requirements: Davis College admissions requirements for students taking online courses are generally the same as for students enrolled in onsite courses. The primary exceptions are that the physical and health requirements for off-campus online-only students are waived.

Doctrinal Statement: Students applying to online courses must read and signify (either by signature or web based prompt) that they have read and understand our doctrinal statement and are aware that all courses will be taught from a Bible-based Christian perspective.

Registration: Although we encourage students to apply for one of our degree programs, you may enroll in an individual course without being admitted to a degree program. Otherwise, you must meet the same entrance requirements as our degree program students.

Students on academic probation will not be allowed to take online courses. A student must be off academic probation for a minimum of one semester before enrolling in an online course.

High school juniors and seniors can take up to nine online credit hours. These credits are fully applicable to our degree programs and may be transferable to other colleges. Because of the self-directed nature of online courses it is highly recommended that they have a minimum GPA of 3.5.

Online and onsite courses may be used interchangeably to meet the school’s graduation requirements provided that the courses have either been taken with the College or have been accepted in transfer by the College. You may enroll in a course without being admitted to an academic degree program, but we encourage you to consider selecting an academic program.

Immunizations: ALL students born after January 1, 1957 registered for 6 credits or more must show proof of immunity to Measles, Mumps & Rubella. Certain exceptions may apply. Check with Health Services for the specifics of this requirement.

Students can register for online courses one of two ways: registration forms can be found online here. Those wishing to register onsite can do so by contacting the Office of Academic Affairs at 607-729-1581 x 338. (New students, please contact Admissions. 607-729-1581 ext. 406.) Early registration is encouraged since each online professor will determine class size.

Attendance: Our online “attendance” requirements differ from on-campus requirements due to the unique nature and compressed time frames of online learning. Online courses are designed as outcome-based not attendance-based courses. This means that in online courses it matters more that you complete your assignments than when you complete them. This allows students to have maximum flexibility in completing their work when it is convenient for them.

As a result, students are expected to complete all assignments in accordance with the due dates and instructions published in the course syllabus provided by the professor. The only exceptions granted will be with faculty approval and these will only be permitted with necessary and reasonable requests.

Course In-completions: Course instructors and Davis College staff will work with students to help facilitate the successful completion of course requirements. Circumstances may result in a student not being able to complete a course in the allotted time. Students will be expected to work with the instructor, but the final determination rests with the instructor.

Course Extensions into a Later Term: Requests for extension of courses (due to personal hardships or extenuating circumstances) into a later term will be considered on a case by case basis. If approval is granted, students will be assessed a $75 surcharge for each course involved.

Grade Appeals: We are motivated to ensure that your grades are satisfactory to all parties involved. The student is expected to contact KEEN if an issue regarding course grades arises. KEEN in turn will do due diligence and work with the instructor, student and Davis College to help ensure that the student’s grade is fair and acceptable.

Academic Advising: We do not provide tutorial assistance for students taking online courses, however, academic advising regarding course selection is available for degree students only. Students may contact the Office of Academic Affairs at (607) 729-1581 x 338.

Auditing: There will be no auditing of online courses.

Payment: All students will be expected to pay in full at the time of registration for the online course.

Withdrawal and Refunds: Because Davis College is working with KEEN to offer courses online, the schedule and amounts differ from the College’s normal withdrawal policy. All miscellaneous fees are non-refundable. When a student has no external student financial aid, refunds on tuition will be made as specified for each term on the online portion of the Davis College web site (located www.davisny.edu under the Academics tab).

Financial Aid: Students taking online courses, who are enrolled in a program working toward a degree, may be eligible for financial aid. You must be a full-time student, however, in order to be eligible for New York State TAP grants and institutional scholarships. Please contact our Financial Aid Office at (607) 729-1581 ext. 331 regarding financial aid questions.

Textbooks: Online professors periodically initiate changes in course textbooks and textbook editions. In turn KEEN administrators have strongly advised that our students order textbooks from the website indicated further down to ensure they are working with the correct textbook(s) and edition(s). Online professors will not work from multiple editions.

You will need to make individual arrangements for the purchase of your course-related texts and/or materials. KEEN has provided a schedule to begin ordering texts and/or materials for the various terms which is indicated on the registration forms and posted along with the online registration schedule.

KEEN provides access to an online texts and materials ordering platform. This service is provided through a strategic partnership agreement with MBS Direct. This easy-to use virtual bookstore from MBS Direct is now available at: http://direct.mbsbooks.com/COCC.htm

The use of the Davis College Bookstore to purchase textbooks remains an option since they reference the KEEN website. However, KEEN’s concerns/”warning” about the source used for ordering textbooks should not be taken lightly.