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Find an easy to read guide on how to use CourseSites here.

Online Course Textbooks

We make it easy to purchase the textbooks for all of your online courses. Most of your textbook needs can be met at Davis College Christian Bookstore.

Please contact Davis College Bookstore:

Phone: 607.729.4494
Email: bookstore@davisny.edu
Website: Required Books List

Textbooks are available for pickup at the bookstore. They can also be shipped to anywhere in the country or even internationally.

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Admissions Requirements:  Davis College admissions requirements for students taking online courses are generally the same as for students enrolled in onsite courses.  The primary exceptions are that the physical and health requirements for off-campus online-only students are waived.

Doctrinal Statement:  Students applying to online courses must read and signify (either by signature or web based prompt) that they have read and understand our doctrinal statement and are aware that all courses will be taught from a Bible-based Christian perspective.

Registration:  Although we encourage students to apply for one of our degree programs, you may enroll in an individual course without being admitted to a degree program.  Otherwise, you must meet the same entrance requirements as our degree program students.

Academic Advising:  We do not provide tutorial assistance for students taking online courses, however, academic advising regarding course selection is available for degree students only.  Students may contact the Office of Academic Affairs at (607) 729-1581 x 338.   

Term Schedule

Summer 2016:   June 6 – July 31
Fall A 2016:       Aug. 22 – Oct. 16
Fall B 2016:       Oct. 17 – Dec. 11

DOL Participation Policy

DOL courses run for eight weeks. Each week consists of lessons, discussion boards, activities and assignments. Discussing current topics with classmates from all over the world provides unique, in-depth online classroom participation. DOL students will be given a Davis email account that must be accessed in order to attend an online course. The professors will email the students before the course begins an invitation into the course through his or her Davis email account.

The nature of these courses requires that the student interact with the material, professor and other students on a weekly basis. Because of this, it is difficult to achieve the fullest experience in this learning environment when assignments are late. If unable to complete an assignment on time, the student must contact the instructor immediately by email to make arrangements for the completion of that assignment. Assignments that are submitted after the due date without appropriate excuse and pre-approval will receive the following deductions: Assignments submitted after the due date will receive a 10% deduction. Assignments submitted more than one week late receives a 20% deduction. Assignments submitted after two weeks late or after the final due date of the class will not be accepted without documentation of extenuating circumstances. Based on the Davis on-campus course attendance policy, students missing more than 21 consecutive days of participation will receive a failing grade due to non-participation.

DOL Withdrawals

The student is responsible to contact his or her academic advisor and complete an Add/Drop Form in order to drop a course. This form and the Add/Drop Policy may be found at www.davisny.edu/academics/policiesandforms/. For more information about the Refund Policy click here. Students enrolled in a course through Davis Online Learning (DOL) are expected to follow the Davis Online Learning (DOL) Participation Policy. A “VWD” grade will be noted on the student’s transcript for any course dropped by the tenth day of the DOL course. Grades of “VWP” (Voluntary Withdrawal – Passing) or “VWF” (Voluntary Withdrawal – Failing) will be noted on the student’s transcript for any course dropped by the last day of Week 3 within the course. The last day of Week 3 within the course is the last day that a student may officially withdraw from a course. Non-participation for 21 consecutive days results in a failing grade for non-participation.