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Greetings From Professor

A Message from Dr. Gilbert Parker, Chairperson

Greetings! The Pastoral program at Davis College is designed to prepare graduates for the various duties of pastoral oversight in the local church. Evangelism, missions, administration, worship, preaching and counseling skills are taught throughout the curriculum. Addressing church problems and stimulating church growth are emphasized. The student may also elect to study biblical Greek or Hebrew to deepen his understanding of the Scriptures.

A strong internship program in area local churches under the supervision of an effective pastor helps the student understand the dynamics of local church ministry. Overall, the student will be thoroughly prepared toward a strong Bible-centered ministry and the development of a pastor’s heart which will enhance ministry opportunities to all people.

Upon graduation, many of our pastoral students enter into a pastoral position either as an assistant pastor or senior pastor. Some students enter seminary for more education and discover that they are very well prepared for graduate study. However, as God leads you, you will discover that a Davis College education prepares you for life and ministry anywhere in the world!

I look forward to hearing from you as you prayerfully consider the Pastoral program at Davis College.

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