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Pastoral Studies

Throughout the history of Davis College, practical application of biblical teaching has been the heart of the pastoral program. Graduates from our pastoral concentration are prepared to teach God’s Word in a way that is doctrinally sound and applicable to life situations. Affordable, student-friendly, ministry-focused; contact us today to learn more

Emphasis Options:

  • Biblical Languages (Greek or Hebrew)
  • Bible Exposition
  • Urban Ministries Electives*
  • Church Planting Electives**


The Pastoral Studies program is designed to prepare graduating male students for the various duties of pastoral oversight. Beyond these studies, the strong emphasis on Bible book studies, systematic theology, New Testament Greek, Old Testament Hebrew (or Greek and Hebrew study aids) inclines the pastoral student toward a Bible-centered ministry, which God may use to meet the spiritual needs of both saved and unsaved people.


In addition to the educational objectives of the college, the student graduating from the Pastoral Major will be able to:

  1. Administer the various pastoral functions within the local church taking the general oversight of teaching, worship , and church administration responsibilities.
  2. Demonstrate skill in the use of the tools of research in the study of the Bible.
  3. Demonstrate the skill to evangelize the unregenerate and stimulate an effective worldwide missions program.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to counsel people effectively using the Word of God.
  5. Demonstrate a proficiency in the preparation and effective delivery of biblically sound, homiletically balanced messages.

*Students desiring to take Urban Ministry electives will take URBN courses for their ministry electives and focus on urban ministry in their internship experience.

**Students desiring to take Church Planting electives will take MISS 3222 and will focus on church planting in their internship experience.

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