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Organizational Leadership

Unique Characteristics of the Organizational Leadership Program:

  • Offers leadership and management training for organizations that have a Christian heritage from a faith-based Christian college.
  • Complements the college’s strong history of ministry where it has excelled at meeting the staffing needs of churches involved in ministry to society. Other faith-based organizations have staffing needs that differ from strict ministerial training. This program provides the needed training and experience to support the mission of these organizations.
  • Assists organizations that address human needs in a changing and hurting world.
  • Graduates students with sensitivity and skills for living and working in a diverse, multicultural and global society.
  • Prepares future leaders with a values-based education for carrying out their responsibilities.


The Organizational Leadership program equips men and women to assume leadership and managerial roles within whatever organizations they will serve. The integrated sequence of courses develops the students’ understanding of Christian leadership and ethics. The program also enhances the competencies and skills in management, business, communication, interpersonal relationships, problem-solving, change implementation, and multicultural sensitivities.


In addition to the educational objectives of the College, the student graduating from the Organizational Leadership program will be able to:

  • Articulate a biblical philosophy of leadership.
  • Demonstrate through coursework and field-based experiences the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to effectively lead people and organizations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of biblical concepts of leadership.
  • Commit to biblically sound ethics and standards as a leader.
  • Design ethically and socially responsible practices for an organization.
  • Demonstrate professional written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Commit to a lifestyle of self-improvement and personal growth as a Christian leader.
  • Know one’s leadership style so as to maximize its strengths and bolster its weaknesses.

About this Program:

Employment/Further Education for Organizational Leadership Graduates:

Davis College’s graduates’ employment opportunities will continue to be strong with enhanced opportunities for employment with large churches as executive pastors, para-church organizations as leaders and managers, and service-oriented agencies.

Graduates will have opportunities for graduate work all across the country in this program of study.