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Music / Worship Leader

The Music / Worship Leader program at Davis College will provide students with a unique opportunity to study God’s Word in-depth, grow in their relationship with God, and gain the skill and knowledge in the arts needed to serve Him.

Students in the Music/Worship Leader program at Davis College have opportunities to develop their skills through involvement in local church ministries, chapel worship team and various ministry venues. Students will learn and participate in a variety of styles, from traditional hymns to contemporary Christian music.


Churches are increasingly using the arts as a tool to facilitate worship and minister to God’s people. The Music/Worship Leader program is designed to prepare students to minister in the church and church related organizations through the arts and lead in the development and implementation of creative arts programs.


In addition to the educational objectives of the College, the student graduating from the Music/Worship Leader program will be able to:

  • Articulate a biblically based philosophy of worship
  • Communicate an understanding of current approaches to worship
  • Convey a breadth of knowledge in regard to the diversity of arts used in worship and ministry
  • Demonstrate performance skill in one or more creative arts disciplines
  • Demonstrate leadership in creative arts

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