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Intercultural Ministries

Definition & Purpose

The Intercultural Ministries concentration at Davis College prepares leaders to serve the global Christian movement in a culturally relevant manner. Use of the term “Intercultural” to describe the concentration refers to communication between different cultural and social groups. The purpose of the concentration is to train effective communicators who share the gospel of Jesus Christ across cultural and social boundaries.


Emphasis in the Intercultural Ministries concentration is placed on the student acquiring the breadth of knowledge and gaining the necessary skills to be a competent and effective communicator of the gospel to people groups in cultures differing from their own.


The concentration focuses on ministry directed to populations in multi-cultural settings, both domestic and foreign. The concentration seeks to establish life-long disciplines so that the student can thrive vocationally and spiritually on the mission field. Additionally, the student is trained in apologetics to defend the Christian faith. Students are exposed to a wide-range of evangelical Christian mission agencies to facilitate mentoring opportunities and eventual placement on their chosen field of service.

  1. The concentration is based on the student formulating a biblically defined worldview.
  2. The concentration offers the student the opportunity to partner with a variety of evangelical Christian mission   agencies for mentoring purposes both during and following the completion of the concentration.
  3. The concentration offers students the opportunity to gain field experience through short-term mission trips.
  4. The concentration features a campus-wide annual fall missions’ conference that features keynote speakers and workshop presenters representing numerous mission agencies.
  5. The concentration includes a field-based internship prior to graduation.

Career Opportunities

Graduates are trained for a career in missions, whether here in the USA or on the foreign field. Career opportunities include: Career Missions, Intercultural Relations, Relief Agency Assistance, Church Planting, Discipleship, and Human Services.

The Intercultural Ministries concentration provides training through courses and hands-on experience in:

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Cross-Cultural Studies
  • Christian Apologetics
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Comparative Religions
  • Church Planting


In addition to the educational objectives of Davis College, the student graduating from the Intercultural Ministries concentration will have:

  1. Acquired a knowledge base that encompasses the multi-disciplinary field of missiology.
  2. Obtained the necessary skills for a career in global missionary service.
  3. Demonstrated the effective use of the tools and techniques for making and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ in a cross-cultural setting.

More about this Concentration,

Since the founding of Davis College in 1900, graduates have served the local church in the USA and around the world. The same commitment to train men and women for specialized Christian service continues today on our campus.

Whether your goal is to be a career missionary, or to serve in a relief agency providing human needs assistance, Davis College offers culturally relevant global ministry training through the Intercultural Ministries concentration.