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Christian Ministries

The Christian Ministries program at Davis College provides learners with the opportunity to explore the breadth of Christian ministry through a flexible curriculum that gives you the freedom to choose professional courses they are interested in.

Graduates from the Christian Ministries program at Davis College can choose to focus on women’s ministries, biblical language studies (Greek and Hebrew), general ministries, and church ministries. This dynamic program allows transfer students the most flexibility as they enter our college, and is an excellent option if the student is planning to continue their education at the master’s level.


  • Biblical Languages (Greek & Hebrew) Emphasis
  • General Ministry Emphasis
  • Teacher Preparation Emphasis (Articulation Agreement with Cairn University and SUNY Oswego)


The Christian Ministries Concentration at Davis College is designed to prepare graduating students for support ministries in the local church or para-church ministry, either as a professional or layperson. Graduates of this concentration will be prepared to serve as Sunday school administrators and teachers, Christian education directors, children’s ministry leaders, and women’s ministry specialists, depending on the student’s selection of electives in the program. The program is designed to provide the greatest flexibility for those seeking to be involved in various Christian support ministries.


In addition to the educational objectives of the College, the student graduating with from Christian Ministries will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the various support ministries of the local church, both those incorporated into the church and those in para-church organizations.
  2. Articulate a sound philosophy of ministry for support ministries in general, and for specialized ministry in areas of the student’s interest.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to administer a support ministry related to Christian education, children’s ministries, or women’s ministries.
  4. Demonstrate competence in performing the duties associated with various support ministries.
  5. Effectively use the tools, methods and technologies associated with successful support ministry programs.

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