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College Navigator is a free tool provided by the National Center for Education Statistics to help students, parents, and high school counselors.  www.Nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator


*Definitions are provided by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).  All institutional data is reported on a yearly schedule to the NCES through the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).  Due to data collection schedules, data that is posted will be for the prior academic year.

Job and Graduate School Placement

Davis College Recent Graduate Ministry / Career Status

Of the graduates from the graduating classes of 2013 with whom we have contact (38 graduates), 39% of them (15 graduates) are currently employed in full-time or part-time ministry that is directly or indirectly related to their training received at Davis College, or are pursuing further ministry related graduate education, building upon the education they received at Davis College.

Retention and Graduation Rates

Retention rates measure the percentage of first-time students who are seeking bachelor’s degrees who return to the institution to continue their studies the following fall semester. 87% of the Fall 2012 full-time freshman class returned the following fall semester in 2013. Davis College experiences a high retention rate, which can be attributed to many factors, including the close-knit community which many students describe as “a second family” or “a home away from home.”

See information regarding Student Satisfaction as recorded by the Noel-Levitz Survey administered every other academic year.

Graduation rates are reported annually by the college in accordance with the “Student Right to Know” Act. This rate is based on the progress of students who began their studies as full-time, first-time, degree- or certificate-seeking students and completed their programs of study within 150 percent of “normal time” for their selected programs. The college does not limit the amount of time it takes for a student to complete a program of study. Many students choose to extend or even post-pone the program length due to various reasons pertaining to employment, family, or overall academic goals. The Spring 2013 overall graduation rate for the Fall 2007 full-time, first-time freshman entering class was 42%.  Often former students who chose to interrupt their programs of study return to Davis College as re-admitted students so that they may complete their academic goals.

See information regarding Student Satisfaction as recorded by the Noel-Levitz Survey administered every other academic year.

For a more complete analysis, please contact the Office of the Registrar.

Gainful Employment for Certificate Programs

One-Year Bible Certificate

One-Year Teaching English as a Second Language Certificate

Institutional, Departmental, and Program Assessments

Davis College tracks various indicators of student achievement which are communicated by admissions counselors with prospective students and their parents. The Strategic Planning and Assessment Committee lead faculty and staff in comprehensive, yearly evaluations of institutional effectiveness in areas of student learning, research, and assessment. These evaluations, which are reported to the college’s accrediting agencies, provide information to the administration, faculty, and staff so that they may make data-driven decisions to implement positive and effective change. The results of this report are available for review. Please contact the Office of Academics for a copy of the report.