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The Speakers Bureau

The Davis College Speakers Bureau is a resource of faculty and staff available to share their interests and expertise with ministries and organizations seeking speakers for special events, church activities, or retreats and conferences. Event details, arrangements, topics, and reimbursement details are between the event organizer and requested speaker.

dpedroneDr. Dino J. Pedrone
president@davisny.edu | 607.729.1581 x 316

President’s Web Page

Event Type: Churches, Conferences, Seminars

About: Dr. Dino Pedrone is the ninth president of Davis College and the author of over twenty books and booklets, contributor to various articles and magazines, and a national and international speaker. His heart is to prepare men and women for service to Jesus Christ. His most recent book is “God is always at Work: Even when you do not know it!”, a commentary on Esther.

ccoltonDr. Charles Colton
Chair, Organizational Leadership Program
ccolton@davisny.edu | 607.729.1581 x 323

Event Type: Pulpit Supply

About: Dr. Colton is an ordained minister with fifteen years of pastoral experience in New York and West Virginia. In addition to chairing and teaching the Leadership Program, he lectures in systematic theology and New Testament epistolary literature.

rcramerProfessor Rick Cramer
Chief Enrollment Officer
rcramer@davisny.edu | 607.729.1581 x 350

Event Type: Churches, Conferences, Seminars, Homeschool Groups

About: Professor Rick Cramer serves as the Chief Enrollment Officer of Davis College. He is currently in the dissertation phase of his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. He brings years of experience in business management, ministry leadership and education into the classroom.

bnovaksmProfessor Bonnie Novak
Chair of the Teaching English as a Second Language Program
bnovak@davisny.edu | 607.729.1581 x 314

Event Type: Churches, Conferences, Seminars, Women’s Ministry Events

Focus: TESOL, Writing, Education, Missions in the US (from the perspective of a pastor’s wife and church planter), Women in Ministry, Military Moms, Empty Nesters, Grandparenting from Afar, Time Management.

tomoconnorTom O’Connor
Chaplain| Former Athletic Director
toconnor@davisny.edu |

Event Type: Churches, Conferences, Seminars

About: Tom’s college coaching career includes men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and men’s soccer. In 1999, Tom was named Coach of the Year for the National Christian College Athletic Association Division II men’s soccer.

A graduate of Davis College, Tom enjoys a variety of ministry opportunities. Since 2003 he has been the Chapel Leader for the Binghamton Mets AA Baseball Team.

Tom understands that competitive athletics is an important vehicle in revealing character and helping to develop leadership qualities in the athlete. The athletic experience is an integral part of the student athlete’s education that shapes the individual in the present and molds them for the future.

josterDr. JoAnna Oster

Event Type: Educational and Development Conferences, Conventions, and Seminars

Topic Presentations: Time Management, Stress, Creativity, Online Learning, empowering your Team, Development and beginning a Capital Campaign, Grant Writing, Annual Funds, Creating Successful Events and more…

About: Dr. Oster is a university level educator who previously served as the Development Director for Dade Christian School, The Master’s Academy, and The FACE Foundation for over six years and has been in education for over 15. Dr. Oster’s education titles include teacher, university professor, intern principal, FACCS presenter, and Development Director.

gparkerDr. Gilbert A. Parker
Academic Dean
gparker@davisny.edu | 607.729.1581 x 325

Event Type: Churches, Conferences, Seminars

About: Dr. Parker is an ordained minister and has served several churches in Massachusetts. He is a graduate of Practical Bible Training School, Barrington College (BA degree), Dallas Theological Seminary (Master’s degree), and Trinity International University (Doctor’s degree). In 1988 he began teaching at Practical Bible Training School (now Davis College). He and his wife, Marolyn, have traveled throughout Europe, and for several years traveled to Russia, Romania and the Ukraine to teach pastors and Christian leaders. He has served as an interim pastor in 25 churches throughout the central New York area.

npost3Professor Nichole Post
Student Development Officer
npost@davisny.edu | 607.729.1581 x 311

Event Type: Conferences, Seminars, Women’s Ministry Events on Child Rearing (infants to teens), Marriage, Conflict Management, and Counseling Issues.


drathmellRev. Dan Rathmell
Assistant to the President for Church and Alumni Relations
danrathmell@davisny.edu | 607.729.1581 x 302

Event Type: Churches, Conferences, Seminars

1. Pulpit Committee Seminar – establishing a procedure for the pulpit committee to follow while in search of a pastor. ( 33 years of experience presenting it in numerous churches and having also served 38 churches as an interim pastor).

2. Seminars on Listening / Communication. Couples / men’s groups.

3. Pulpit Supply / either Dan himself or he will assume the responsibility to find someone to fill the pulpit.

4. “Patience in Affliction” – Dan shares his ongoing experience with his wife who is suffering with ” frontotemporal degeneration”, the most serious form of dementia. “In a lifetime we will all experience suffering in one form or another and I would like to share some biblical principles that are helping me to take one day at a time with the goal to make Romans 8:28 become a reality.”