Davis College - Pursue God

Our Philosophy

Davis College is a private, undergraduate, coeducational Christian college within the conservative evangelical tradition that fosters the spiritual, professional, intellectual and personal development of students for ministry. Its philosophy views the direct study of the Bible as the primary means to a successful life and ministry. Its three-year diploma, AAS and BRE degree programs provide an integration of Biblical, general and professional studies. The one-year certificate program focuses primarily upon Biblical studies.

As a Christian college, the Bible is the major curriculum component and the integrating factor of all other courses. General education is essential to a balanced, broad based undergraduate education that gives the students a basic understanding of the world in which they live and minister. Professional studies develop the student’s competencies, skills, abilities and knowledge needed for service and leadership within church-related ministries.

In its entirety, the educational and practical experience of the College is designed to enable students to know the Word of God, to apply it to every aspect of life and to minister it effectively to the world. In summary, Davis College, formerly Practical Bible College, provides students with the Christian education and experience to develop a thoroughly Biblical worldview and lifestyle.