Davis College - Pursue God

Vision For Davis

In five years . . .

Davis College is a recognized leader in undergraduate biblical and theological higher education across the Northeast region, enrolling over 500 students for training in Christian ministry leadership through programs of study offered on our home campus, at local teaching sites, and online. Distance-learners benefit from cutting-edge virtual classrooms that deliver live teacher instruction and feedback.

Davis College is seeking final approval for graduate M.A. programs in counseling and church development. Undergraduates opt into a distinctive “work-study” cooperative program blending traditional student ministry and internship requirements as to increase their potential for leadership readiness. One-, two-, and three-year pro-grams offer intensive preparation for ministry through our Practical Bible Institute.

Davis College has transformed its home campus through construction or acquisition of an expanded venue for college chapels, conferences, and community service activities. Students enjoy a gourmet quality kitchen and food service area, a world-class social hub, and an expanded cafe and bookstore complex. The Davis College campus provides a pleasant environment that is conducive to study and fellowship.

Davis College enjoys renewed relationships with its alumni base, various other supporters, church groups, and the surrounding community. Through direct contributions and the establishment and growth of endowments, undergraduate students receive over $500,000 in annual scholarship awards, giving those whom God has called here the financial ability to complete their preparation for vocational ministry.

In summary, five years from now . . .

Davis College is impacting the world for Jesus Christ like never before, fostering Christian character and equipping students with the knowledge, competencies, and skills that are needed for service and leadership within the Church, Christian organizations, and society. With God’s help this vision will become reality. Soli Deo gloria.