Davis College - Pursue God

Core Values

The following Christian core values are held and shared by the Davis College community as we strive for excellence in achieving our goals and objectives:

  • A commitment to the inerrancy, authority, and sufficiency of the Scriptures.
  • A commitment to worship God and to pursue Christ-likeness in actions and attitudes.
  • A commitment to the practice of personal holiness, professional integrity and adherence to the highest spiritual and ethical standards.
  • A commitment to respect the worth and dignity of all of human-kind and to create a college representative of our society’s cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity.
  • A commitment to foster a cooperative and caring community that encompasses staff, faculty, and students and develops the potential of each.
  • A commitment to offer a relevant curriculum, quality instruction, serviceable facilities, and character-building activities for the personal and professional development of men and women called to serve in church and church-related ministries.
  • A commitment to an on-going assessment and planning process that will address current and future needs and developments that the programs of study offered will be practical and advance the kingdom of God worldwide.
  • A commitment to compassionately minister to the church, society, and the world in general.