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7 Ways to Help To Prevent Burn Out

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blog-pic01A recent article from Relevant Magazine highlighted an issue that is prevalent among many students and young professionals (even the not so young professionals): burn out.
It’s important to not only be aware of the risk to burning out (whether that be at school, work, or other personal projects or passions in your life) but it’s also important to know the signs so you can avoid it.
According to the article (which has 10 tips), here are the first seven tips to help you avoid overworking and burning out:
1. Get the rhythm right. It’s actually prayer, play and work. Did you notice I inverted the order? Priorities make all the difference.

2. Put God first and foremost in everything. If I continually invited Him into every aspect of my life, I would have no reason to stress. When the stress comes, remember to focus on the fact that your Father is in control and wants the best for you. Ask him to come first in your life and ask him to take control of your stress.

3. Allow God to defend you. God is my defender. I don’t need to justify myself to anyone. He’ll do it for me or kindly correct me depending on the circumstances.

4. People who believe they can sleep when they’re dead never really get to fully experience life. Don’t fool yourself, sleep is so important. Even if you can function on four hours of sleep, it doesn’t mean that you can live your best life the next day. Sleep so you can live and worship God with the life you live.

5. Rest is a form of worship. Enjoy free time. Enjoy opportunities to exercise, appreciate nature, play a musical instrument, write, hang out with friends, read and just explore God’s creation. “Rest is about trusting God enough to take the time to appreciate His blessings.”

6. Turn off the technology. Let’s be honest, do you need Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and three email accounts pushed to your iPhone every five minutes? We tend to idolize technology. What if you spent that time with God and the people God put in your life? Try it out.
7. It’s okay to say “No.” There is freedom in admitting you can’t do everything. Make sure to check out the entire article for the other five tips. http://www.relevantmagazine.com/life/whole-life/features/29439-quit-working-so-hard
How else can you faithfully work hard but not burn out?