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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Now Introducing: FLEX – Financial Liberty Exercised! Davis College is excited to announce the launch of our new FLEX (Financial Liberty Exercised) program that will be offered to all incoming freshmen, beginning with Fall 2014 enrollment. This new FLEX program provides a safety net for students – freeing them to pursue their chosen career without

  Truth Has Its Limits Christians who insist upon absolutes do so to stay off the slippery slope. Indeed, downhill of the absolutist stands the antinomian. If absolutism posits many universal norms codified in rules, antinomianism admits of no norms, thus no rules. This Outback philosophy―“no rules, just right”―can’t be right either, and none of

Truth Has Its Limits Where I come from, lying was always a sin, and rules were absolute. You told the truth no matter how inconvenient. When Mom asked, “How do I look?”, you didn’t admit how badly she looked; instead you quipped (smiling), “You’ll be the talk of the town.” Of course, these clever rejoinders