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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Hero or Host? Leading to Launch! This theme of the March 11th Pastor’s and Leaders Conference at Davis College covered such topics as: “How do we create an environment where new people truly feel welcome – more than simply greeted?”, “How do we nurture a sense of ‘belonging’ in our churches?”, “The Exodus of 18-30


Commentary on Psalm 77, by Nick Costa – BIBL 3452 class assignment for Dr. George Snyder I yell to You, God, the loudest I can, and You hear my pleas. I was depressed and down in the dumps. My friends had a kind word for me that did nothing for how I felt. I took

Davis College has a Vision plan that has been unanimously approved by the President’s Cabinet and the Board of Trustees. The Vision plan is listed on the website. The college has appointed a Chief Operations Officer, alumni Jerry Traister to oversee the vision for the facilities and numerous services for the college. We have been