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Monthly Archives: June 2012

I mentioned Employ-ability in my last blog post. I said: “Employ-ability covers a range of interview issues – like how to dress (modestly and professionally), when to show up (a smidge early), how to interact (person-ably and consistently), and so forth. I’ve found that most college grads gain these skills through their various collegiate interactions,

A recent article from Relevant Magazine highlighted an issue that is prevalent among many students and young professionals (even the not so young professionals): burn out. It’s important to not only be aware of the risk to burning out (whether that be at school, work, or other personal projects or passions in your life) but

“We wanted to get the whole family involved at our Dessert Celebration this year, so we created the Kids Program, which was a huge success with almost 30 kids in attendance! Our goal was to inspire the next generation to promote a culture of life, and to teach them that every life matters to God.