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Friends and loyal readers, We have a special announcement for you! If you “Like” us on Facebook, you’ve already seen, so play along. Right now, our Facebook page has around 840 fans. Once we get to 900, we are going to give away not only an awesome hoodie, but also two tickets to the JJ

Just as our world is always changing, so is the way we do ministry. Davis College President, Dr. Dino Pedrone, shares some of the ways he sees ministry changing in our world.


Pinterest is the newest online craze – and we are jumping on the boat! We will use it as a way to showcase our beautiful campus, the surrounding cities and area, our stellar athletics, videos, dorm ideas, book to read…and more! If you have ideas for us – please share! So give us a follow,

When we are young it is easy to think ethnocentrically – meaning you might only see the world based on what’s around you. We might see Christianity as based right here in the United States. The truth, however, is that the message of God is spreading like wildfire all around the world. Take a look

This is re-posted from alum Calvin Park from his blog with permission. As I’ve talked with more and more people about attractional youth ministry and my own reasons for striving to find a different–better–way of doing ministry with students I’ve realized something. When I say I don’t like attractional youth ministry, or I have misgivings

A large of part of college life has to do with where the college is physically located. Binghamton is a fantastic city in Southern New York, known as a leader in higher education, as well as technology. Some facts about Binghamton: Population: Over 47,000 at last census The greater Binghamton metro area (Triple Cities) is

This is one of the more convicting videos you will watch this week, this month, or perhaps this year. Are you living as an almost Christian? Find us on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what stood out most to you.