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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Just as God used his great imagination in creating the Earth, so Christians need to be imaginative and innovative in the way we do ministry. Whether you are on church staff, or in an office building, you have a ministry. As the world grows digitally, the church can use these innovations in new and creative

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There are millions of ways to put off studying. The fun infographic below displays some of the more amusing excuses. So what is it that YOU do to put off studying? We all do it – it’s better to just admit it and move on! No judgment here! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Davis College President Dr. Dino Pedrone shares why he believes a Biblical education is more important than ever. Find us on Facebook and Twitter!

Are you familiar with YouVersion? It the best-rated and most-downloaded smartphone/tablet app to read the Bible (you can also read online). It incorporates reading plans, saves your highlights/notes, and makes social sharing extra easy. They recently released their most bookmarked verses of the last year, and we thought we’d share! (verses are from NIV) Philippians