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10 Most Innovative Churches in America

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LifeChurch_podcast_logoJust as God used his great imagination in creating the Earth, so Christians need to be imaginative and innovative in the way we do ministry. Whether you are on church staff, or in an office building, you have a ministry. As the world grows digitally, the church can use these innovations in new and creative ways to grow God’s Kingdom.

As you explore what this means, take a look at the 10 most innovative churches in America, as deemed by research site www.ChurchRelevance.com. You can learn from these churches and take a look at the kinds of innovations they are taking advantage of. They are very different theologically, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something from each and every one of them.

1. LifeChurch.tv – Edmond, OK

LifeChurch.tv has an incredible list of innovations including being the creators of YouVersion, the world’s most popular Bible app, as well as pioneering the online church experience. Visit their resources page to see all the cool things they’ve done.

2. Granger Community Church – Granger, IN

Their pioneerings include www.WiredChurches.com, an online storehouse of resources including graphics, forms, and even sermon series.

3. Mars Hill Church – Seattle, WA

Mars Hill in Seattle is never short on controversy in the news. They are chock-full of innovation however, being one of the first well-known churches to use The City as an online hub. They also were some of the first to use high-definition cameras to film services and stream them to multiple campuses.

4. Seacoast Church – Mt. Pleasant, SC

Although it seems common today for larger churches, Seacoast was one of the first to go multi-site and have more than one church “campus”. You’ll find a multi-site church or two in nearly every major city in America, and that might not be the case without Seacoast.

5. Fellowship Church – Grapevine, TX

Ed Young, Jr. leads one of the largest churches in America. Fellowship Church in Texas puts on the C3 conference, and they also lead the charge in equipping pastors with sites like CreativePastors.com and their most recent endeavor, PastorFashion.com.

6. Mosaic Church – Los Angeles, CA

Pastor Erwin McManus is one of the more creative folks out there. The Mosaic website takes simplicity to another beautiful level. They have a weekly art-focused experience called Musement, as well as a digital magazine.

7. North Point Community Church – Alpharetta, GA

North Point, led by Andy Stanley, has one of the most extensive online resource libraries out there. The church itself also has ministries for nearly every demographic and interest group that you could be a part of. The church is also a leader in what it looks like to form strategic partnerships for the sake of ministry.

8. National Community Church – Washington, D.C.

Mark Batterson and National Community Church are one of the brighter and growing voices in the church community. They established what was voted to be the best coffee shop in the Washington, D.C. area, and have dreams of making it a chain. Their vision was to have churches meeting in theaters throughout the city, and they’ve done just that.

9. Community Christian Church – Naperville, IL

CCC has one of the more welcoming online presences out there, and even gives local parishioners the chance to host online church services in their home. They are also one of the more influential voices in the church-planting movement.

10. Saddleback Church – Lake Forest, CA

Rick Warren’s church in California was one of the first true evangelical mega-churches. You can take part in an online service nearly any time of day, and you’re prompted to do so as you enter the website. There’s too much to even say, as the number of ministries and innovations they have is just too numerous to list. Explore the website and find out for yourself!

Now, obviously these mega-churches have the budget to be innovate. If you use your imagination, however, ANY ministry can be innovative with what is available to them. What inspires you to think outside the box? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!